WordPress Hosting Management & Maintenance Plans

Benefits At-A-Glance:

  • Security-hardened tech stack optimized for hosting WordPress (and only hosting WordPress).
  • Continuous monitoring of your website's performance for uptime and response.
  • High resource availability guaranteed. Small number of sites per server. Dedicated servers available.
  • Ongoing software maintenance including server and WordPress core, theme and plugins.
  • QA testing; redundant, offsite backup; premium plugin licenses and much more.
  • Advanced technical support provided by experienced WordPress experts within the United States.


  • WordPress Updates
  • Managed Hosting*
  • Speed Boost
  • Basic SSL
  • Offsite Backup
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Cloudflare DNS
  • Database Optimization
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Checks
  • Performance Checks
  • Presswright Plugin
  • Plugins & Themes
  • Site Analytics
  • Staging Environment
  • WooCommerce
  • Dedicated Server
  • Add-on Options


$114 /mo.
$1249 /yr.
  • WordPress UpdatesYes
  • Managed Hosting*Over 40 pages
  • Speed BoostBest
  • Basic SSLYes
  • Offsite BackupUp to Every 6 Hours
  • Vulnerability AnalysisYes
  • Cloudflare DNSYes
  • Database OptimizationYes
  • Uptime MonitoringUp to 1-minute
  • Security ChecksYes
  • Performance ChecksBest
  • Presswright PluginYes
  • Plugins & Themes20+ Premium
  • Site AnalyticsAdvanced+
  • Staging EnvironmentIncluded
  • WooCommerce$28/mo.
  • Dedicated Server$60/mo.
  • Add-on OptionsAvailable


$89 /mo.
$949 /yr.
  • WordPress UpdatesYes
  • Managed Hosting*Up to 40 pages
  • Speed BoostBetter
  • Basic SSLYes
  • Offsite BackupUp to Daily
  • Vulnerability AnalysisYes
  • Cloudflare DNSYes
  • Database OptimizationYes
  • Uptime MonitoringUp to 3-minute
  • Security ChecksYes
  • Performance ChecksBetter
  • Presswright PluginYes
  • Plugins & Themes12+ Premium
  • Site AnalyticsAdvanced
  • Staging Environment$15/mo.
  • WooCommerceNo
  • Dedicated Server$45/mo.
  • Add-on OptionsAvailable


$59 /mo.
$679 /yr.
  • WordPress UpdatesYes
  • Managed Hosting*Up to 12 pages
  • Speed BoostGood
  • Basic SSLYes
  • Offsite BackupUp to Weekly
  • Vulnerability AnalysisYes
  • Cloudflare DNSYes
  • Database OptimizationYes
  • Uptime MonitoringUp to 5-minute
  • Security ChecksYes
  • Performance ChecksGood
  • Presswright PluginYes
  • Plugins & Themes6+ Premium
  • Site Analytics$3.50/mo.
  • Staging Environment$15/mo.
  • WooCommerceNo
  • Dedicated Server$30/mo.
  • Add-on OptionsAvailable

Please Note: Each plan has a one-time $95 migration/setup fee (covers extensive optimization work and software licenses). Recurring credit/debit card (or ACH) payments are required for monthly plans. Check (or equivalent) required for annual prepayment discount.

*General guidelines to serve as a broad reference only. Server need is dependent on many factors.

Please note that a Bronze maintenance-only plan option exists for some sites hosted elsewhere. Also, whitelisted WordPress support for agencies is available. Ask for details.

Plan Details

WordPress Updates

Includes WordPress core, themes and plugins. Typically performed weekly at a minimum and more often when major upgrades and updates are available. Let us know if any themes or plugins should not be updated. Does not include the licensing costs of premium plugins.

For static WordPress site hosting, please see Add-on Options below.

Managed Hosting

This covers most sites and includes a number of WordPress-optimized features like server-level caching, php7.x, and security isolation. Older sites and/or custom systems may not be able to take advantage of all options. Pricing may vary for non-standard setups and very large sites. Platinum plan sites are typically hosted on their own server to avoid "noisy neighbor" pitfalls commonly found with shared hosting.

Speed Boost

Includes advanced, server-level (when possible) caching and image optimization (and global CDN delivery when possible) and site code optimization for improved page load-time and performance. Additional optimizations are available as standard on Platinum plans.

Basic SSL

Site-wide coverage. Uses Let’s Encrypt (open-source). Premium SSL certificates are available as an add-on service.

Offsite Backup

Cloud storage of your site and database with a 90-day retention timespan. Want your backups uploaded to your cloud storage account? Add $15/month.

Vulnerability Analysis

This detection and mitigation effort is ongoing. It looks for WordPress site, theme, and plugin security vulnerabilities.

Cloudflare Management

Integration and management service that reduces server load, improves speed, and provides mitigation of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, a shared SSL certificate, and a global CDN (Content Delivery Network). More advanced (premium) security and performance options are available.

Database Optimization

Includes removal of spam comments, if applicable (anti-spam plugin must also be activated to identify spam). Other optimizations may be performed as circumstances warrant.

Uptime Monitoring

Third-party verification that your site is working and viewable on a global level 24/7.

Security Checks

Scans your webpages for malware and checks for site “black listing” from trusted third-party monitoring services.

Performance Checks

Specialized site analysis to determine homepage performance score and identify areas that should be improved.

Presswright Plugin

Includes the installation and administration of one or more Presswright management plugins to enables better monitoring, analysis, and management of your site. This process includes an initial analysis of existing plugins and theme(s) along with suggestions of superior alternatives when available. Additional security enhancements are usually deployed at this time.

Plugins & Themes*

Gain access to premium plugins and themes, plus updates, through our licensing. As a MagnoliaGeek client, our software license covers your site (depending on the plan you're on) so premium plugin and theme software and updates are available to you.

*About Plugins & Themes
The Premium List

Toggle the "switch" above to browse our partial List of Premium Plugins & Themes available through select Presswright management plans.

Site Analytics

Gold and Platinum plan sites with fewer than 5K pageviews per day (and as a discounted add-on under Silver) have access to premium analytics by Usermaven. With this advanced solution, not only are you not giving away your site's visitor data (like with Google Analytics) but you have access to a very organized, colorful, and actionable analytics dashboard. Want faster access to reports? Analytics summaries can be set up for weekly and/or monthly email delivery.

Also, Platinum plan sites enjoy discounted access to our Premium Analytics add-on solution for even more pageviews and reporting tools that are especially suited for eCommerce operations.

Staging Environment

It's not a good idea to do design and heavy maintenance work on a live site. A staging environment is a clone of your site for the purposes of testing changes. It's a safe place where your customers cannot see what you're doing. When things are as you want them there they can safely be pushed to the live site.


WooCommerce is perhaps the world's most popular e-commerce platform. It is open-source software that runs on WordPress. Additional resources are required to properly secure and run WooCommerce.

Dedicated Server

While we do not overload our servers, if you desire a server instance solely dedicated to your site (or at a datacenter within a particular geographical region), then this is for you. Gain additional peace of mind knowing that all server resources are available for your project closest to your specific market area.

Unless specified otherwise, our servers are deployed within datacenters physically located within the United States.

Add-On Options

See below for these additional services and features.

Add-on Options & Services

Service Description* Price
Premium SSL certificate (various types)$80-$300/yr.
Repair broken/hacked WordPress$550
WordPress migration to new host*$285
WordPress migration to Presswright (includes Basic SSL & optimization)*$95
WordPress Troubleshooting$120/hr.
Basic setup for Google Analytics (GA)$65
Basic setup for MailChimp$135
Premium site analytics (eCommerce-ready)$24/mo. & up
Google My Business & Bing Places for Business setup / management (can significantly improve search results for better exposure: pin on map, contact info, etc.)$19/mo.
Annual domain name registration and management (.com, .net, .org; others available but some cost more)$2.50/mo. or $25/yr.
Hosted 25GB email account (incl. webmail and mobile access) - custom email address using your domain name$54/yr.
Email Plus - Everything above plus 30GB file storage, syncing, Office-compatible apps, and more$72/yr.
Custom “autoforwarded” email addresses (1-time setup)$19/each
"Coming soon" placeholder page$85/setup & $24/mo.
Setup and management of QR code for 1st year$175
Maintenance of QR code after 1st year$12/mo.
Email Newsletter - Administration and managementAsk

*Covers most sites (we reserve the right to refuse to work with some hosts, projects, and/or content); however, pricing may vary for non-standard setups and very large sites. Allowing us to administer your domain name registration can help insulate you from spam, fraudulent “invoicing,” and questionable domain “service” offers.

Add-on Details


Stands for Secure Socket Layer, it encrypts your site for security. Now it can also provide a minor speed and Google rankings boost. Site-wide SSL is highly recommended for all sites and is essential for anyone selling online or managing personal information.

Premium SSL

On many web hosts, an open-source (i.e. no charge) SSL certificate option exists through the Let's Encrypt organization. When possible, this is what we use (that is our basic SSL option). Some hosts, however, do not support Let's Encrypt or the client needs a higher level of verification. We then then purchase and install the necessary type of SSL certificate. Pricing varies.

Google Analytics Setup

This add-on includes Google Analytics account setup and installation of the tracking code onto your site. Access can be shared for viewing reports through your Google account or you may wish to upgrade to our premium "dashboard" to display your daily updated Google Analytics data.

Premium Site Analytics

Google Analytics is now less reliable for tracking – they're circumvented by many ad blockers and privacy settings [source]. Fortunately, there are other data collection tools that can be used to provide additional (and probably easier-to-interpret) site usage details. Especially important for eCommerce operations and those depending on paid advertising.

Google & Bing Business Profiles

Getting pins on the maps within Google and Bing are powerful ways to increase local exposure for your business or organization. Having verified listings and information posted within these platforms can significantly improve search results related to you. That means you are more likely to be shown on relevant search results pages for Google and Bing (and some of their partners). This add-on is highly recommended for all local businesses and organizations.

Domain Name Registration

Many clients prefer for us to register and manage their domain name for them. That insulates them from most fraudulent "billing" scams and spam that use the email and address on the registration. It also protects their name from being lost due (from failure to renew annually) to changing credit card numbers or expiration dates.

Hosted Email Account

You can have your own email address using your domain name (example: [email protected]). Your email is stored securely and processed separately from your website for enhanced security and performance. Email can easily be synced across multiple devices or you can use the full-featured webmail client online from anywhere. Two options - both with 25GB of storage. Email Plus adds 30GB of additional file storage, syncing, and other features.

Autoforwarded Email Addresses

Many people like to use separate email addresses to easily filter categories or sources of email within a single account. Others like the professional look of their own branded email address (such as [email protected]) but want to continue using their Gmail, Yahoo, or other free email provider. Creating a custom branded email address, called an alias, allows you to do this. Your customers don't have to know it's an alias and reach out to you through your branded email. Some popular aliases include your-name@, sales@, help@, and contact@.

Static "Coming Soon" Placeholder

Setup and management of a single page of non-dynamic content – typically used to pre-announce a new website. Includes sitewide SSL and hosting on a global content delivery network (CDN).

QR Codes

Can point to about any online resource (website URL, social page, video, app, feedback form, pdf document, etc.). Basic scan analytics available up to monthly upon request.

Email Newsletter

There are many options available plus list sizes and outreach needs vary greatly so ask us about this option. Please note that under no circumstances do we condone or support spamming operations: All email lists must be properly obtained (including proof of subscriber consent) and managed using best-practices.

Rate Card v3.4.3. Minimum 1-year initial contract required for ongoing services. Following this period, contract will auto-renew at billed interval until cancelled. Last updated 06-May-2024.

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