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In our WordPress support work we've seen a number of specific WordPress questions repeatedly come up. Sometimes, simple answers or solutions to easy questions and issues are forgotten because they only need to be addressed occasionally.

We are creating a list of these frequently asked questions, along with solutions, to help our team and the WordPress community. As this resource grows, we hope it helps you quickly find more solutions for your WordPress needs!

In short, you'll need to access your database to do this directly without going through the WordPress confirmation process. The steps are relatively easy, though, if you use something like phpMyAdmin to login to your WordPress database:

  1. Go to the wp_options table.
  2. You should see the admin_email option somewhere near the top.
  3. Edit the option_value field to replace the old email with the new one.
  4. Save your changes. You should then be able to see the changes on your WordPress admin Settings | General page (you may have to refresh this page to view the changes).

For a detailed article that includes screenshots about this process, see "Change WordPress admin email without confirmation".

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